Sunday, March 9, 2008

Many Happy Returns

We were pleased to recently learn that a variety of peonies that we are carrying in limited supply this year was recently named 2008 Peony of the Year and Gold Medal Awardee by the American Peony Society. Many Happy Returns was developed by one of the premier peony hybridizers, Hollingsworth Nursery of Maryville, Missouri in 1986.

Many Happy Returns
Many Happy Returns falls under the catagory of "Best Landscapers" which are peonies with a bush form displaying flowers quite attractive in landscape form as well as a delightful cut flower. With the development of "Best Landscapers" many gardeners who have been reluctant to grow peonies since they just remember them flopping over in Grandma's garden, will be won over by the beauty that these resilient plants will bring as striking additions to home landscapes. Many Happy Returns with its vibrant scarlet-red flowers in Anemone to Bomb form, multiple stems yielding many blooms which are long lasting as cut flowers has proven itself a winner.

Pink Hawaiian Coral
Other "Best Landscapers" that may be of interest are: Pink Hawaiian Coral, Paula Fay, and My Love, one of which may someday find its way into your garden and all of which we grow at Pittsgrove Farms.

Paula Fay

My Love