Sunday, January 13, 2008

Down On Our Knees

The new year brought us literally to our knees, not necessarily praying, but certainly giving thanks for the great weather enabling us to be outdoors. The pleasant weather thrilled us both, especially John who, unlike me, does not like winter at all. He is ready to head south with the migratory birds in the fall!

The unseasonably mild weather allowed us time to do additional garden cleanup we were unable to complete in the fall when the weather turned against us. John and I gave closest attention to the iris beds which is what brought us to our knees. We cut off dead foliage and removed any garden debris to help prevent plant disease from developing, especially since our area has been quite wet this past year. We also looked for heaving of the plants caused by extreme temperature fluctuations, which we certainly experienced with a low of 10 degrees one week followed by a high of 61 degrees the next! In heaving, the plants are forced above ground exposing their roots. We simply trimmed off the dead foliage and replanted those that required it. Fortunately the majority had strong root systems making them less susceptible to the phenomenon.

So take advantage of any nice weather that comes your way, get some fresh air and sunshine, and check on your iris. You'll be ahead of the game come spring and will be blessed with healthier plants, not to mention a healthier body for yourself.

John and I will be outdoors everyday the weather cooperates, that is until the next snow flake falls. When that happens John will be joining his bird friends for sure!

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Anonymous said...

Great pic (and post) and I'm glad to see that you guys are wearing knee pads!