Thursday, June 12, 2008

Schreiner's 2008 Iris Introductions

As I discussed yesterday, this past weekend I had the enjoyable experience of visiting Schreiner's Iris Gardens in Salem Oregon. Being a large grower, one would not be surprised that Schreiner's is also very active in hybridizing iris.

In their cut flower display they had a table dedicated to the twelve iris introductions for 2008 that have come from their hybridizing efforts. The term introduction indicates the iris has been registered with the American Iris Society and that it is being offered for commercial sale, you can read more about the registration and introduction process at the AIS.

Schreiner's 2008 Introductions

Along with the 2008 introductions the display gardens were home to iris that were not yet named other than by seedling number. Perhaps we will be graced with their presence in future introductions.

Schreiner's Seedlings

Schreiner's Seedlings

Alright you have been tormented by my mediocre prose long enough, without further ado here is a sampling of Schreiner's 2008 Iris Introductions, enjoy.

Schreiner's 2008 Introduction: Orang King

Schreiner's 2008 Introduction: Cheyenne Sky

Schreiner's 2008 Introduction: Raven Girl

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