Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden Club Visit

On Thursday, May 14 we were visited by a delightful group of ladies from The Community Garden Club of Hunterdon County, who came for a tour of our grounds followed by their bag lunch meeting.

It was a pleasure speaking with the group and reacquainting ourselves with a couple of gals who had been customers back when we ran the garden center. We have a love of plants and nature in general and greatly enjoy sharing that enthusiasm with people who feel the same. These ladies certainly are among those and we learned from them as much as they from us.

It was unfortunate that the previous sunny day didn't stick around for the visit, but at least it was just spritzing, not pouring. Gardeners are all hardy souls so no one was bothered by a few raindrops.

Before the ladies left, John and I were presented with a copy of Coleus-Rainbow Foliage for Containers and Gardens, by Ray Rogers with photographs by Richard Hartlage. It was a very gracious gesture and the colorfully illustrated book will be a special addition to our garden library.

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