Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't Pass Me By

Cardinal Flower Lobelia

Something we have heard time and again here at the farm and years ago at the garden center are people being amazed at plants in display beds that are so beautiful. Most recently a number of folks commented on the Cardinal Flowers growing in various locations throughout the property.
"That's gorgeous! What is it? Do you have any for sale?"
"No, we had it in the spring."
"You did-I don't remember seeing any. I definitely would have bought it if I knew how beautiful it would be." Cardinal Flower Lobelia

Cardinal Flower, or Lobelia, is a late season perennial that comes in red, lavender, and blue stays in bloom for weeks at a time when there isn't much color in the garden. It is vigorous and the brilliant red variety knocks your socks off.

Annual Cleome, or Spider Flower is another late season bloomer standing up to 6' with pink, white, rose, or mixed shade blossoms. In early spring it looks like barely anything coming out of the ground, but sure makes its presence known at its prime.

So let that be a lesson to you. Many plants, be they perennials, annuals, or shrubs may not look very impressive in their young stages, but quite stunning at maturity. If you aren't sure what something will look like, or come across a plant you never heard of, ask. Any knowledgeable nursery person will be happy to give you a detailed description. Don't pass up the opportunity to add a great specimen to your landscape through lack of knowledge. Then you too can hear people say-"That's gorgeous! What is it?"

Happy Gardening!

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