Friday, May 20, 2011

Carol Ann Moyer Iris Garden-Delaware Valley College

What would you expect iris growers to do in their spare time, but visit other iris growers. What a delightful visit John and I made to the Carol Ann Moyer Iris Garden at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA. For many of you, The Presby Memorial Iris Gardens are too far away to make an easy day trip, but Carol's beautiful display may be within your reach.

Mme. Chereau

Silent Wings
She has lovingly created a garden that would make Monet whip out his brushes. Historic iris, such as Mme. Chereau 1844, up to the newer introductions such as Silent Wings 2001 have found a home here.There are petite Amethyst Flare 1975 to wild Ziggy 1977-something for every iris lover's taste.
Amethyst Flare
The garden is part of an arboretum, is free (something we all appreciate in these economic times), and will be in various stages of bloom for the next few weeks. So if you want to get off your knees pulling weeds in your own garden, go visit Carol's. It's an easy find right on Rt. 202 in Doylestown which is also a lovely place to visit, and within a short ride to Peddler's Village,New Hope, and Lambertville, NJ.
See, I've given you a great idea for day out in some gorgeous countryside. The weeds can wait 'til another day.

A recent view of the garden

Happy Gardening!


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