Monday, June 20, 2011

Dig It-Tall Bearded Skywalker

Skywalker-Schreiner '96

One of our regulars was visiting Pittsgrove recently when she looked out over our bloomed out bearded iris beds and asked "What is that still in bloom?" pointing to a patch of blue in the distance. Surprisingly, a new iris (for us) was still putting out numerous blossoms amongst bed upon bed of flowerless swords. Whether we will see the same abundance next year is yet to be determined (we have learned that Mother Nature has her own quirks about what occurs in the garden beds) but this year the quite handsome "Skywalker" really impressed.
Photo Credit-Schreiner

The love of Star Wars has been passed on to the next generation as our "Vehicle Boy" is following in his dad's footsteps with his embrace of all things "in a galaxy far, far away". As a child, Garrett was upset with me for days after I told him we had thought of Luke as a first name for him before he was born. He bemoaned the fact that he was not named for his idol, but say Luke Gulish and you realize it sounds like something is caught in your throat!

Standing alone in the afternoon mist

Vehicle Boy was thrilled to see his idol standing so tall and fearless in the field. Skywalker (Schreiner '96) is a cross between Honky Tonk Blues and Altruist and has shown just how vigorous a plant it is with its excellent blooming habit. The flowers are nicely ruffled with an interesting blending of color. I promised our grandson that when his family moves into their new house, I will plant a nice Skywalker in their garden to ward off the Storm Troopers. And I think now that Garrett is all grown up he is glad he doesn't have to introduce himself while sounding like he is gagging.

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