Monday, March 4, 2013

Hawaii Reunion

Kuoloa Ranch where many movies and TV series Lost have been filmed.

No arm twisting was required when my aunt and uncle (Pagan Dancer-see post from Sept. 15, 2008)
 stated New Jersey was too great a distance for them and Australia would be too far to ask us to travel, and suggested we meet them in Hawaii. Let's see--sub-freezing, snowy Jersey, or 85 degree and sunny Oahu. Not a difficult choice at all.
"Ramona" Cheryl & "Duke"

It was a great reunion as we hadn't been together since 2005 when John and I finally visited with them and the rest of our OZ family in Victoria. My aunt and uncle share our love of plants and gardening, so besides swimming, snorkeling and some great dining out, we explored a number of botanical gardens together.
Mindanao Gum Tree at the Dole Plantation

We wondered at the beautiful variety of flowers, trees and shrubs, some that we recognized from either Jersey or Australia and others none of us had ever seen before.

We were struck by the beauty of the rainbow of colors of the hibiscus and orchids and quite cautious of the fruit of the cannonball tree which would be frightfully dangerous on a windy day.

Cannonball tree at Foster Botanic Gardens

 A visit to an orchid nursery enabled my aunt to show me those she grows at home that unfortunately were not in bloom during our visit.

Admiring orchids

Our walks together throughout resplendent gardens gave us the opportunity to relax and reconnect after being so many miles and so many years apart. Of course our ten days together flew by much too swiftly as is often the case when enjoying yourself with those you love, but we said our farewells at the airport with the promise to plan another reunion with more gardens to explore.

North Shore Sunset

Aloha for now!

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