Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Siberians (and we ain't talking about chilly Russians)

Today we added a few new Siberian iris to the Pittsgrove Farms website.

Siberian iris are great additions to any perennial garden. They are one of the easiest types of iris to grow as they are tolerant to disease and insects. During their first year of growth they require moist soil; however after the first year they become more drought hardy.

Siberian iris are native to central Europe and Asia but can now be found in many backyard gardens in zones 3-9. This beardless type tends to bloom in the mid-season after tall bearded iris. They love the sun but will tolerate light shade.

We carry roughly 40 varieties of Siberian irises at the farm. We will be continually adding more to the website but for now, here are a few standouts.

Butter and Sugar

This Siberian that sounds like it is straight from a baker's kitchen is an award winner worth checking out. It is a sweet addition to the garden with sugar white standards and buttery yellow falls - both etched with greenish yellow veins. White styles with yellow midribs make it one not to be missed.

Color: White & Yellow---Style: Amoena---Year: 1986
Height: 27"---Bloom Season: Mid
Awards: Morgan Medal '81, Morgan-Wood Medal '86

Baby Sister

Baby is right - this one is tiny at a maximum height of about a foot. Baby Sister is a dwarf known for being one of the shortest Siberian iris varieties. It has a violet blue self with darker veins on the falls.

Color: Violet Blue---Style: Diploid---Year: 1986
Height: 12"---Bloom Season: Early-Mid
Awards: HM '91

Bridal Jig

Bridal Jig is as white and elegant as a wedding dress, beautifully accented with yellow. The small crescent-shaped deep yellow signal compliments the brilliance of white.

Color: White---Style: Self---Year: 1993
Height: 35"---Bloom Season: Mid

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