Saturday, May 3, 2008

Washington Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival Fun

Last week the brothers were able to get together. Jeremy and his lovely bride were able to take some time off and visit with Garrett and his brood in the Pacific Northwest. Among the many adventures they had was a trip about an hour north of Seattle to Skagit County for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Tulips as far as the eye can see

There were fields of daffodils and tulips of many different colors. We went to one grower named Roozengaarde. According to their literature they have over 1200 acres of field blooms making them the largest tulip grower in the world. We don't think we have quite those aspirations for our farm, but you never can tell where this journey will take us. They had a three acre display garden to showcase the different variety of tulips they grow. Some picks of the display gardens. They charged an admission fee to see the gardens. We'll have to teach Mom Gulish to juggle or belly dance and then maybe we can charge for Pittsgrove Farms.

Roozengaarde Display Gardens

We also stopped by the other very large grower in the area, Tulip Town. They had a magnificent field of colorful tulips that accounted for all the colors of the rainbow (well not really blue, but that is more of a function of the iris than of an oversight by tulip town). Between sleepy kids and a function I had later, we did not explore Tulip Town other than from the periphery, but we did sing "Won't you take me to.....TULIP TOWN" in our best Lipps Inc. impersonations.

We have great memories and great pictures of our visit to Skagit County. We highly recommend it as a side trip if you are visiting the Seattle area during the spring.


Anonymous said...

These are really some of the most beautiful pictures of tulips I've seen, ever. I just wish that these pretty spring beauties (like, peonies) would hang around a little longer. Spring flowers are my favorite and a lot friendlier to handle, than roses!

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Really the same fields in holland,
and garden KEUKENHOF.
greeting from Belgium.