Monday, June 15, 2009

Dig It-Hatsu Kagami-Japanese Iris

This lavender pink Japanese iris is one of the first to appear of the Japanese varieties, and like them, makes a great addition to that wet spot in the yard where nothing else seems to grow. That's a good thing here at Pittsgrove since we've had our own version of the "begets"----April showers beget May showers, beget June showers! I'm getting a little worried about what awaits us when I turn the calender page after June 30. In July we may be building an ark!

Anyway, Hatsu Kagami (Hirao '92) reaches a height of approximately 3'. Since our bearded and Siberian iris are pretty well finished blooming for the season (except for rebloomers) it is a pleasure to see this attractive splash of color appear amidst the sea of green in the yard.

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