Friday, June 12, 2009

Iris That Like Wet Feet

It has been raining so much here at Pittsgrove, that even our frogs are confused and don't know where the pond ends and the driveway begins! Getting any work done has been quite a challenge. No true gardener will let a little rain stop one from weeding (heck, that's when weeds are easiest to pull), or doing a bit of pruning, but after the third try at weeding our daylily beds yesterday, I gave up since a drizzle kept turning into a down pour.

Sinfionetta with Black Gamecock
The Louisiana, Japanese, and pond iris that we grow are in heaven, delighted to have their feet wet, and have started blooming all over the place. Our bearded iris on the other hand, must feel as though they are going through their unique form of iris waterboarding! The poor things must wonder when they can come up for air. (I know---there she goes again referring to plants as if they were human.)

Easter Tide-Louisiana

Took a soggy walk out to our spring fed pond to see if anything new was in bloom since I had been out there a few days ago. Wow--Sinfionetta, a blue Louisiana iris, sure shot up since last season and is towering over the Black Gamecock. One of these days I'm going to end up falling into the pond I'm sure since I like to get up close and personal when taking pictures and believe me the footing out there is a little precarious.
Acadian Miss-Louisiana Iris
As our bearded iris go out of bloom, it is always exciting for us to see the next wave of color come in with the Louisiana, Japanese, and Spuria. June will be filled with new hues in the gardens; I just hope I don't need hip boots to go from bed to bed! Inner Beauty-Louisiana

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