Monday, March 21, 2011

DIG IT--Trajectory SDB

It is now official, we have entered the spring season although our forecast for today and later this week calls for snow showers here at Pittsgrove. What can you expect, it is still March and anyone who has lived in Jersey knows that March is anything but predictable as far as weather is concerned.
We did have nice enough weather to allow us to get caught up on lots of outdoor tasks last week and the sunshine and fresh air sure were welcome. Most of the beds look pretty good and our first daffodil bloomed yesterday morning. I am now anticipating the arrival of our first iris blooms, but will have to be patient for a few more weeks.

One that has had a good, past track record is Trajectory, a standard dwarf bearded (SDB). It ranges in height from 12-13" and is slightly fragrant. It was and AIS Honorable Mention in 1999 and Award of Merit winner in 2003. It makes a nice addition to a rock garden or in a border planting.

Happy Spring!!!

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