Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is Spring in the Air?

Well, finally a day at Pittsgrove spent entirely outdoors working in the sunshine. John was certainly in his element today and some much needed cleanup was done by both of us. Have you ever noticed that no matter how much fall cleanup you do in the garden beds, when spring comes rolling along there is still plenty more to attend to before the beds really look good again.
We were happy to see hellebores nicely budded and all varieties of perennials are beginning to peak out from beneath the soil.
Overall the perennials and bulbs seem to have survived this past winter fairly well. The trees and shrubs are showing the most trauma, from both the heat and drought of the summer, and the snow and blasting winds during the winter. I have a great deal of pruning to do, some plants to dig up, and branches and trees that have to be taken down. That last bit will not be by me! We had more deer damage this year than ever before with all the snow cover we sustained. However, on the bright side, John told me that the chewed branches will make it that much easier for me to shape the shrubs. It's nice being married to an optimist. He also keeps weather records from year to year and pointed out that we are getting a jump on things compared to last year.

I hope the rest of you gardeners have had the opportunity to get down on your knees and play in the dirt. If you haven't, get out there soon. The muscles may get sore, but your mind and disposition will surely be rejuvenated.

Happy gardening! Cheryl

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