Friday, May 4, 2012

Please Stop The Itch!!!

First off, let me be clear this is not a commercial endorsement, since unlike some of my blogger friends, I make $0 from writing. Most of us bloggers just enjoy writing about things close to our hearts and somewhere in the back of our minds lies the "Great American Novel". 

John and I have noticed an overabundance of poison ivy this spring and have decided to completely redo an area next to our driveway rather than contend with the ridiculous amount of it that has infested our rudebeckia and echinacea.Poison ivy is a vine whose leaves grow in clusters of three and every part of it is poisonous, even in winter.

Several years ago, I infected myself miserably while weeding and not realizing that my bare arms were exposed to a ton of poison ivy. The itching was unbearable and I went to our local pharmacist for relief after everything else I tried was futile. He recommended a product, technu, which made me sigh "Ahh".

I have given it to others who were miserable after contact with this wretched weed and they have thanked me profusely for bring an end to their anguish.

technu can be found in your local drug store and believe me for all of you avid gardeners, it is well worth keeping on hand since if you have experienced this rash before, you know how easy it is to contract.

Happy gardening!

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