Monday, April 30, 2012

Dig It-Heuchera-"Coral Bells"

If you are looking for an easy to grow perennial to add some punch to your garden, you might want to consider Heuchera. Also known as Coral Bells, these hardy, easy to grow plants do well in sun or part shade. Hybridizers have developed outstanding colors ranging from yellow-green to deep purple leaves. Spikey white, pink, or red blooms appear late spring to early summer. The plants range in height from 10-15" and at maturity attain a width of about 15".Heuchera-Miracle

Heucheras are also great plants to use in combination pots, as they fill out quickly and provide great texture and focal points.
Heuchera-Plum Pudding

Other than cutting back the dead foliage in the fall, (which should be done with all of your perennials) Heuchera is really a carefree perennial which will add a unique look to your garden for years to come.
Happy Gardening!

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