Monday, April 20, 2009

Dig It - Early Scout Peony

No guesswork here- Early Scout peony (Auten 1952) is so named because it is one of the earliest peony plants to pop out of the ground after a long winter's nap and also one of the first to come into bloom. This dwarf peony variety with its fern like foliage is compact by nature and the peony grows to a height of 18-24" making it ideal next to a walkway or as an addition to a rock garden.

Some of our New Jersey Peony lovers are surprised when told this hardy little plant with the small red flowers and brilliant yellow centers is even in the peony family. When these cheerful little blossoms have faded, snipping them off will leave a plant that resembles a Japanese maple. Folks often ask us what variety maples we are growing when they see these peonies out of bloom. Having perennials that look good even without their flowers is always a plus for any gardener.
Happy Gardening!

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