Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pagan Dancer!!!

Cheryl and "The Pagan Dancer"

I'm dedicating today's post to my Uncle Graham/ AKA The Pagan Dancer who was first mentioned here on September 15, 2008. He is celebrating his birthday today---well actually tomorrow here in Jersey, but it will already be May 1 in Victoria, Australia when this posts (I think??? Not sure how the whole internet works with specific dates and time zones!) It gets very confusing at times when we speak on the phone and it is night here and the morning of the next day in Brighton!

The magpie is a daily visitor

Anyway, I am wishing my uncle the rainiest birthday ever!!! Some of you must be shocked. "Doesn't she like him? What an awful greeting---why not sunshine and cloudless skies?" Aha, because Uncle Graham would be thrilled with a good soaking rain to help relieve the ongoing drought that he and his fellow Victorians have suffered through for years. Yes, I said years with no exaggeration. The lack of rain added to the horrific fires I reported in the "Heartache in Oz" post. We complain in the summer if a drought of a few weeks comes along and God forbid we have to water our lawns on alternate days, or can't pull out the hose to wash the car in the driveway. The folks in Victoria are way ahead of us when it comes to water conservation and have been for a very long time. Crested pigeons in Uncle Graham's backyard

When John and I visited with my uncle and aunt a few years ago, we were amazed at the beauty of the plants that are able to bloom in such arid conditions, especially the Banksia also called bottle brush. And somehow the grass they have for their lawn manages to green up with just the least bit of moisture. Banksia-Bottle Brush

So, my Pagan Dancer, may the skies open up and drench you with giant raindrops and may you continue dancing for many years to come.

Love & hugs to all in OZ!!! Cheryl

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Anonymous said...

That's such a great pic of you and your Uncle Graham - Happy Birthday, indeed!