Thursday, April 23, 2009

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

Yesterday to commemorate Earth Day, "The Boss" and I were among the 125 or so in attendance at the dedication of the partnership between the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens and Essex County.
Presby had fallen upon rough financial times and was in danger of losing what had been created in 1927 in honor of Montclair resident, Frank Presby, who had been known as a steward of the American Iris Society. Since the gardens contain over 8,000 iris in 3,200 varieties, you can imagine what a devastating loss this would have been not only for Montclair, but for the thousands who visit this historic centerpiece. With the purchase by the county, the citizens committee which was desperately trying to preserve Presby, can concentrate on the keeping the gardens a worldclass historic site.

Frances Liscio addressing the gathering

County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo, (at left) fondly called "Joey D" by Fran Liscio, president of the citizens committee, was instrumental in getting the ball rolling and getting everyone on board to obtain the necessary funding and did so in a very timely manner. The complete story can be found in today's edition of The Star Ledger.

After returning from Presby, it was time for "The Boss" and I to get back to our own contributions for Earth Day as we headed back to the fields to continue cleaning up our own iris beds, putting picture tags on our already potted peony, iris, and daylily plants, and potting more for the season. As we plunked our weary bones down at the end of the day, we did so with the knowledge that we continue to help Mother Nature keep our world a beautiful place.

Happy Gardening! Cheryl

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