Monday, April 23, 2012

Dig It-Age of Victoria Peony

John and I are fortunate enough to own a second home in historic, Victorian Cape May, New Jersey, the original seaside resort. The streets are lined with stately Victorian and Queen Anne houses in colors that would seem out of place elsewhere, but provide a welcoming magic to this quaint town on the Atlantic.

Age of Victoria fits right in with its old-fashioned, yet regal appearance. Blossoms are quite large for a single and its peachy-buff color brings to mind the hats and dresses worn by ladies in the late 1800's as they strolled the shore enjoying the summer breeze.

The plants reach a height of approximately 34-36" and sport large, showy leaves. However, their stems will need support in the garden as they are not always strong enough for the weight of the blossoms.

If you haven't already done so, I would advise a visit to Cape May, one of New Jersey's gems for a step back in time and an experience unlike the rest of the Jersey shore.

Happy Gardening!

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