Thursday, February 7, 2008

For the Birds

Yellow Finch Fever

Something John and I discovered when we ran the garden center and continued to realize with the new folks we met here at the farm is many gardeners are also avid birders who, like us, look for ways to attract as many birds as possible to their landscapes. We have done so with many of our plantings and are delighted to discover that something we put in the ground is likely to attract another song bird.

Rather than the jewelry or candy some of you may receive on your anniversary, this year much to my delight, John gave me three new birdhouses. Don't scoff--to me that was quite romantic and I have dear friends who recently admitted to the romantic side of washing dishes together! We will now have several birdhouses scattered throughout the property along with a number of bird feeders.

Baby Birds

Each year we watch our regulars-chickadees, cardinals, downy woodpeckers, etc., as they flit about the property. And each year we seem to have some new bird discover us, sometimes just passing through like the Harris hawk yesterday, or looking for a new home like the blue birds a couple of years ago, or escapees like the pheasants from a nearby gun club.

Over my morning coffee I read in today's Star Ledger that all of you can join me and fellow birders February 15-18 for The Great Backyard Bird Count sponsored by Cornell University. Go to or for details, but basically you are reporting on birds in your immediate area. You can be as ambitious or lazy as you please. You can don those hiking boots with binoculars, bird guide and pen and paper in hand, or lazily sip your coffee, tea or glass of Pinot as you take note of your feathered friends passing by your window then send your findings to the web site. Who knows, you may even be lucky enough to win one of the prizes they are offering. In any case you will have something to pass the time until spring arrives and we are all back again "playing in the dirt"!


Crafty Gardener said...

What beautiful bird photos. Many times I've received a garden related item, like a birdhouse, or a shovel for a gift.

Frances said...

Bird feeders and houses are the perfect romantic valentine gift, although accompanied by chocolate would make it beyond perfect. Thanks for the heads up about the bird count. We will join in, if able.

Frances at Faire Garden