Thursday, February 28, 2008

See You at Dave's

I passed along as a tool for you to winnow down which garden catalogs are most likely to keep you a happy gardener as you place your orders for spring planting. When I told our son, Garrett, about that he decided to add us to the site since we aim to provide locally the unusual and hard to find iris, peony, and daylily plants one would normally find only in catalogs. You can check us out here. Along with quality we strive to educate through friendly, reputable service to our customers, which we hope will be enhanced by becoming a part of Dave's community.

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone who heard about us from a friend of ours who owns a local garden center. Lee, of Kingwood Gardens in Frenchtown, NJ told the woman about our iris and the gal was anxious to come visit. I obviously had to put her off until spring since it was 11 degrees this morning and we still have snow on the ground! But in turn I would like to put in a good word for Kingwood Gardens (which you also would want to visit in the spring!). There you will find quality annuals, planters, and hanging baskets, etc. along with friendly, knowledgeable service.

So let us all in the gardening world try to keep high standards, educate, and support each other. And take heart--the first day of spring is just 3 weeks away!

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