Sunday, February 17, 2008

Whee doggie, we're ready for a hayride!

With his hat, droopy mustache, and tusseled hair, if John continues to lose weight he'll resemble Jed Clampett. He is certainly acting more "country" especially after his recent purchase of a Kubota tractor complete with brush hog and pull behind wagon.

Some of you may recall my November 15, 2007 posting as I recounted his joy in discovering a great deal on red wagons. Well John had that same gleam in his eye when he showed me pictures of the tractor he found on line. I must add that our sons are stunned by his new found interest in things mechanical since their mother was the one more likely to pull out a tool box or get under the hood of the car during their growing up years. It amazes them that during the past year he has purchased a high brush mower, a rototiller, and now the tractor.

John took the tractor out for a test drive in our field after it was delivered, but soon had to bring it back to the driveway after discovering the field was too wet. With our high water table here in Franklin Township, our property remains very wet after heavy rains. In fact, instead of growing perennials perhaps we should try water farming like someone else in Hunterdon County is attempting to do. Really-and no, I had never heard of that either!

I took pictures of the tractor and wagon and emailed them to our west coast family knowing our grandchildren would be thrilled. My daughter-in-law sent the following reactions of our 3 year old grand daughter and her 2 year old brother:
Olivia says "maybe when we come visit Pop can drive the tractor and take us for a ride in the wagon. That would be fun". Zach says "Pop show me drive it" "Livi go in wagon by herself. Mimi pull her."

I have to go now-John wants to measure me for my harness!

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