Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back in the Pond

Knowing that I try to photograph each variety of flowers that we grow as they come into bloom, John excitedly told me to grab my camera to get a picture of a new iris since it might be my only opportunity this year. He is also aware that I get "up close and personal" in trying to capture the individual characteristics of each flower. So, I swear he eagerly anticipated my return venture into our pond to capture Iris Laevigata, "Snow Drift".

This variety is a wetland iris white in color with a touch of blue and is good for pond edges. A true "Japanese iris", it will grow equally well submerged in shallow water or on the edge. It requires full sun and an acid soil and in its wild form, grows in Japan, Korea, and China. Blooming time is May to June, depending upon Mother Nature's whims and ours came into bloom in mid-May.

Laevigata Variegata, sister plant to the above, hasn't bloomed yet and I'm sure that as soon as it does, John will use it as an opportunity to get me back in the pond. These are both new additions to Pittsgrove Farms and we hope to propagate them so they will be available to you next spring.

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Anonymous said...

The flower looks so delicate and pretty. This iris would make a beautiful addition to our pond, if we had one ;o)