Friday, May 23, 2008

Intermediate Iris in Bloom

Intermediate Iris Bed
It's almost Memorial Day in New Jersey and we are still wearing sweat shirts at Pittsgrove Farms. The cool weather means all of our plants are flowering a little bit later than normal, the good news being that we can enjoy them longer into the spring and early summer.

Honey Glazed

Star Woman

Our intermediates are now in full bloom and budded up and started flowering just as many of our dwarf were beginning to fade.

Devil May Care

We were delighted to see many of those that were new to us this year, for as you know, seeing the real thing is so much better than just looking at a picture. Here are pictures of some of our favorite intermediates.

Now that the sun has finally graced us with some warmth, our tall bearded and our peony plants are also showing color and soon we expect an explosion of color. We can't wait!

Dr. Alexander Fleming

Wine Angel

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Greg said...

Those are some seriously beautiful irises! And a first glimpse of peonies--oh, how wonderful is this time of year!