Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gardening Goes Wild - Gorilla Gardening

Gardening has become militant, undercover and may perhaps be coming to a weed-filled public dirt patch near you.

Gorilla Gardening is sweeping the nation, heck maybe even the whole world. A revolution that began in the UK is now hitting the US and growing faster than a plant with an overdose of Miracle Grow.

Gorilla Gardening is the illicit cultivation of blooming plants in an effort to beautify unsightly public places.

The idea is pretty simple:

1) find an ugly overgrown area
2) get cheap plants
3) recruit a group of plant-friendly friends
4) wait until nosey neighbors go to bed
5) hit the dirt with an arsenal of shovels
6) plant that plot before the police interrupt the garden party

The official tips are here.

The website includes ideas like how to make seed bombs, which are essentially grenades for gardeners. The beneft is that seed bombs can be thrown to areas that are too difficult to reach otherwise.

This gardening is not for the weak of heart. Gorilla Gardening is the equivalent to Fight Club for gardeners. There is even a Gorilla Gardening community, which helps eager illicit gardeners find each other to start new gorilla chapters.

Who knows maybe we will soon be planting iris by the light of moon in a desolate parking lot before you know it?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I've never heard of this. Of course, The Boy (who's very into covert-type activity, as you know) would just love to take part in this new gardening method!

Pittsgrove Farms said...

Would you like to organize a dig? Just don't tell "Garth" and the kids it was my idea when you end up in the county slammer with trowel in hand. :)