Monday, March 30, 2009

Dig It-Iris Pallida Variegata

Pallida Variegata

As lovely as bearded iris are when in bloom, many people are put off by the very less attractive foliage. The dull green spears are not very exciting to view in the garden, especially when the flowers are gone and green begins to fade to brown. This is why John and I have made Iris Pallida Variegata a major player in our perennial beds.

The bluish-green striped leaves are outstanding in the garden, both prior to and after the blooming period. The light, lavender blue flowers are among the longest lasting of the bearded iris. Available in green and white as pallida alba, or green and yellow, pallida aurea, these 34" iris are considered one of the most reliable, disease resistant, and easy to care for of the Tall Bearded Irises.
Pallida Variegata Aurea

The flowers have a pleasant fragrance, and in addition, the rhizome is also used as a base in the perfume industry where it is known as orris root. Orris root can also be found in the production of natural toothpaste and as an ingredient in gin, specifically Bombay Sapphire, which at least one member of our family (who shall not be named) should find quite interesting!

Pallida Variegata Alba

Also known as Sweet Iris and by some as Dalmation, Iris Pallida Variegata should fill the bill for folks like me who have a love for the variegated form of just about any plant whether it is an iris, geranium, or boxwood.

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