Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flower Shows Struggle to Take Root in Tough Economy

I know, I know, not another downer story about the economy; however we thought it only right to talk about how the recession has caused numerous flower shows to wilt all across the country. The New York Times posted an article late last week about how the New England Flower Show that existed even through the Great Depression has been canceled in addition to the shows in Bangor, Me.; Allentown, Pa.; Cleveland, OH and various shows all across the county.

While many have died on the vine, we were proud of the hardy souls in NJ and Philly that decided to go on with the show. When propogating seedlings, the weaker plants are often sacrificed to give way to stronger ones. In this case, we hope that the excitement that grew from the NJ and Philly shows can bloom into a successful spring for everyone that is passionate about gardening...

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