Sunday, March 1, 2009

Looming Snow and the Philadelphia Flower Show

Just as John and I thought an early spring might be on its way, March again roared in like the proverbial lion. I awoke to what the weather forecasters predict may be our biggest storm of the winter with up to 12" of snow possible in our area. The other day, we were busily cleaning up the iris beds, pruning shrubs, and raking leftover leaves. Today it will be back to snow shovels and most of you along the east coast will follow suit. This February was reportedly one of the driest on record and the weathermen state the snowfall is really a welcome gift for parched soil. Remind yourselves of that as you set about the backbreaking chore of removing this "gift" from your driveways and sidewalks!

After digging out, you might want to head to Pennsylvania for the Philadelphia Flower Show, this year entitled "Bella Italia". The show kicks off today and runs through March 8. There is no better cure for the winter blahs than a walk through the lush garden displays of this fabulous show. Our advise if you go would be to try attending mid-week during the late afternoon when the morning attendees are on their way home and before the after work crowd arrives.
2008 Flower Show

John and I will have to content ourselves with paperwork and indoor cleanup instead of uncovering our peonies, which have to continue their winter nap under their blanket a little longer. And even though the garlic already sprouted in the vegetable garden, we'll have to put off starting lettuce in the new cold frame. We won't lose heart though, nor should you, for even though the lion has arrived, we are confident the lamb will soon prance back into our lives bringing with her the joyful colors of spring!

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