Monday, March 9, 2009

Dig It - Pseudacorus Variegata - Pond Iris

We are starting a regular weekly post called "Dig It," which will feature some of the plants that we "dig" (pun intended) and grow at the farm. This week's favorite, Pseudacorus Variegata, yellow flag iris.

The Pseudacorus Variegata is a very vigorous grower that has light green leaves and yellow flowers. We have Pseudacorus Variegata growing along the edge of the pond at the back corner of the farm. It is a native grower that thrives in moist to wet conditions and can tolerate submersion. The Pseudacorus Variegata is primarily aquatic but can survive long dry periods. This yellow flag spreads quickly and is a fast grower.

It adds great color blooming in Mid-May for us in New Jersey. It also offers interesting foliage growing to 36 inches. During the spring we sell it in 1 gallon containers, that when planted will take off quickly.

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